Cable Jetting

Cable Jetting

Cable blowing machines or Cable Jetting Machines are very usefull to long distance process. Buy one machine save your time and money. More information please contact us.

A Few Important Features Of Cable Jetting

The device named cable-blowing machine has been an extremely important machine. It is a device that is specially designed to fit the fibre optic cables namely to the telecommunication ducts with the assistance of either air or water.

Cable Jetting

Cable Jetting

General features of the device:

Now let’s have a view on the general features of the device.

There is an air compressor that is specifically designed for use of the micro fibre cable jetting. This is a very reliable and trusted screw compressor, which is powered by gasoline engine. It provides maximum work pressure of 220psi with about 35.3 cms. The compressor is also modified in a special way to include an after cooler and water separator specifically. The output air is then filtered and conditioned for better performance of the machine. The compressor package generally includes a 50-foot diameter air hose for connection to the machine.

The new cable jetting machine has been classified according to their compression ratios. It will be quite interesting to know that blowing machines are also sometimes termed as blast blowers or draft blowers mainly in iron and steel industries. They are most frequently used in such industries.

This type of machines is mainly used in many industries. They reduce the load of work to a great extent. It can be said that the introduction of new machines has reduced work mainly manual one to a large extent. This is all possible only due to the invention of latest technologies. Man is much more dependent on this machine as they have reduced working manner. It has been estimated that day-by-day the use of this machines will increase further instead of reduction. It is hoped that in future there will be more such machines to reduce load.

Cable Jetting Machine

4 replies
  1. Rodrigo Fuentes
    Rodrigo Fuentes says:

    We are looking for a Cable Blowing Machine. Please send me price. The distance are 1000 mts each. microducts 1/2″ inside. Thanks

  2. Rebin Khorshid
    Rebin Khorshid says:

    Hello we are a company who recently signed a support contract with a Fiber Optic contract and we are interested in buying a jetting machine for use of transferring fiber optic cable in trenches which we lay before hand inside the excavated sites.
    Maximum distance will be 1000m between each point because we are using manholes each 700meters.
    As for size of cables it can vary a lot so give me your estimated output as for cable thickness.
    Waiting for your prompt reply.

    Thank you

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hello Rebin;

      We sent all details to your email address. Please check it. We are here to asist you everytime.

      Best Regards


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