The use of machines in fiber optic installation

The telecom service providers use fiber optic cable to spread their connection to other clients. The main reason of using this new generation data transferring cable is its performance. Once you install the fiber optic connection there is a very less chance that the connection needs a change. The thin fibers which act as the light carrier carry the signal or data at the speed of light which means an established connection with the high data interchange rate. optical fibre installation Agencies use many expensive equipments like hydraulic power pack, different tools for twisting and cutting the fiber cable, blowing machines to pull the connection under the ground etc.

Whether it’s a highway or ground optical fibre installation has to be done by digging under a certain depth. At first a whole plastic channelis established in the installation route. Then the original fiber cables are passed through the channel so that the connection becomes extremely secured. Mainly to run the blowing machine, there is need of constant power supply to keep pulling the cable under the ground. While doing this the operators have to be extremely careful with the use of optical accessories like battery, cutter and other tools.

To install a fiber optic cable connection the air blowing machine plays the vital role. It is also sometimes called as a cable jetting machine, this hydraulic machine has the emergency stop button to stop the cable blowing operation anytime. The main function is to push the cable within the duct by blowing air pressure constantly.   Optical fibre installation.


Efficient use of fiber optics

Fiber optics

These days Fiber optics cables being used in almost every network service company whether it’s a small local agency or a big network service provider. The latest high speed fiber optic wires are capable of providing lightning speed in a very decent cost. In every household these cables are used to connect telecommunication and internet connection. There are several mechanisms used by the operators to establish a strong connection through fiber optics.

fiber optics

fiber optics

The main phases of a well established fiber optic connection are handling, cabling, and installation which requires several operations and some machines like cable blowing machines, air blowing machine, etc. according to the new standards of ANSI there are many safety measures which you have to follow while installing a fiber optic connection in an area. While installing the connection the machines and fiber optic wires have to be tested through several standardized processes.
The main reason of using fiber optic cable is the reliable quality and super fast data transmission rate. In case of long distance connection between server and local agency or household this special optical able serve very efficiently. The main types of optical fiber are conductive, non-conductive, general use, plenum, conductive rise and many more. The price of optic fiber depends on the quality and speed of data transfer.


An efficient fiber optic connection installation needs many considerations and use of expensive machines. Most of the fiber optic connections are established mainly through underground channels which needs tricks and exact machines to accomplish the job.