Saudi Arabia Telecom Industry

The telecom industry in Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and is playing an increasingly important role in driving economic growth and development. With the increasing demand for high-speed internet connectivity, fiber optic cabling installation has become a critical component of the telecom industry in Saudi Arabia. In order to meet this demand, fiber optic cable blowing machines have become an increasingly popular tool for telecom contractors and professionals.

Saudi Arabia Telecom Industry

Saudi Arabia Telecom Industry

Fiber optic cable blowing machines are specialized machines used to install fiber optic cables into pipes, ducts, and underground conduit systems. These machines use air pressure to push the fiber optic cables through the conduit systems, allowing for faster and more efficient installations. The cable diameter, pipe diameter, air pressure, and duct installation capabilities are all important factors to consider when choosing a fiber optic cable blowing machine.

One of the biggest advantages of fiber optic cable blowing machines is their ability to install fiber optic cables into existing underground pipes, eliminating the need for trenching and reducing the impact on the environment and local communities. This is particularly important in densely populated areas where trenching can be disruptive and time-consuming.

Telecom Industry in SA

In Saudi Arabia, the demand for fiber optic cabling installation has been driven by the growing demand for high-speed internet connectivity, both for homes and businesses. With the increasing use of technology and the internet in all aspects of daily life, the need for fast and reliable internet connectivity has become more important than ever.

The Saudi Arabian government has been actively promoting the expansion of the telecom industry, including fiber optic cabling installation, as part of its Vision 2030 plan to drive economic growth and development. The government has also been working to streamline the regulatory process for telecom projects, making it easier for contractors and professionals to get the necessary permits and approvals for fiber optic cabling installation projects.

The UAE has also been investing heavily in the expansion of its telecom industry, including fiber optic cabling installation. The government has been working to increase the availability of high-speed internet connectivity to all residents and businesses, as part of its efforts to promote economic growth and development.

In conclusion, the telecom industry in Saudi Arabia and the UAE is playing an increasingly important role in driving economic growth and development in the region. Fiber optic cabling installation, with the help of fiber optic cable blowing machines, is a critical component of the telecom industry, allowing for the delivery of high-speed internet connectivity to homes and businesses. The demand for fiber optic cabling installation is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, driven by the increasing use of technology and the internet in daily life.

Machine soufflage fibre

Portage de fibre optique Allame

Machine de portage de câble de fibre

Nos portage fibre sont alimentés par des extensions hydrauliques qui aident à souffler de plus longues distances d’un regard à l’autre. Les machines à pousser les câbles que nous produisons sous la marque SKYFIBERTECH sont utilisées de manière polyvalente et attirent beaucoup d’attention dans l’industrie des télécommunications.

Sélection et prix de la machine

Le choix des câbles à fibres optiques et des machines de portage est extrêmement important.

Tout d’abord, le câble en fibre optique choisi doit être compatible avec la machine. Votre câble à fibre optique doit être compatible avec votre machine et disposer de la puissance requise pour éviter que le câble à fibre optique ne soit endommagé pendant le processus de portage.

Par exemple; Si le diamètre du câble à fibre optique est de 5 mm, la souffleuse de câble à fibre optique que vous utiliserez doit fonctionner correctement avec un câble à fibre optique de 5 mm. Sinon, si la machine est trop forte, votre câble peut être endommagé ou même cassé et peut ne pas fonctionner.

Machine de portage de câbles HydroSky


Machine soufflage fibre

Machine portage fibre

La souffleuse de câbles hydrauliques (HydroSKY) est la machine la plus puissante de sa catégorie.

Il a un moteur à essence de 9 ch (Honda Gx270). De plus, il assure un fonctionnement sans problème avec le système de refroidissement et de filtrage du bloc d’alimentation.

Fournit 8 litres de pression d’huile par minute avec 20 litres de capacité d’huile hydraulique.

Avec l’unité de commande amovible, vous pouvez souffler confortablement le câble fibre même dans des conditions difficiles.

Une fois que 2 flexibles hydrauliques sont attachés à l’unité de puissance hydraulique, elle devient prête à l’emploi. Il est facile à transporter partout grâce à sa structure ergonomique. Il s’adapte à toutes les conditions grâce à son boîtier de commande simple d’utilisation.

L’unité de portage de câbles dispose d’un compteur supplémentaire en option.

Après avoir connecté votre machine au compresseur avec le cric du tuyau d’air, il commence à fonctionner.

Portage facile du câble avec une conception plus efficace.


-Conçu pour portage des câbles et des tuyaux dans des conduits
-Câble début 6mm (réglable sur demande)
-Le canal commence à partir de 12 mm (peut être ajusté sur demande)
-Travailler avec des moteurs hydrauliques
-Meilleur pour le portage longue distance.
-Unité de contrôle séparée.

Cette machine peut souffler des diamètres de 6 mm à 24 mm. Et il peut couvrir chaque ensemble de ceintures; 6 mm-10 mm / 10 mm-14 mm / 14 mm-18 mm / 18 mm-24 mm (peut produire jusqu’à 30 mm).


Fibre Floating Machines

Fibre floating machines manufacturer

Fibre floating machines manufacturer!

“The useful electrical floating machines”

In recent times, people are quite alert about the engineering field as well as contemporary devices. However, there are lots of devices available in recent times, but fibre floating machines is extremely popular amongst them. So, if you are thinking to have this specific machinery does a proper research about the manufacturer.

Fibre floating machines manufacturer

Fibre floating machines manufacturer

A brief about the fibre floating machines

The fibre-floating machine is a well-known gadget amongst several engineering establishments. The fibre floating machines uses the compressed air to thrust the cable over the pipe. The technique of the cable laying offers the reliable, steady and uniform pulling force only along the long length of a cable.

More or less, to the dependable and regular pulling force, the floating fibre cable blowing machine offer smooth and easy movement and control as well as cable observing that is organized by the hydraulically motorized and mechanical belt system. Over all, this machine offers a complete safe and optimized technique of cable placing and connection that can easily enhance the productivity and decrease workforce requirements.

Functions of the machine

There is lots of fibre floating machines manufacturer available in the recent marketplace that offer a robust and durable fibre machine to their customers. The fibre floating machines is designed plan fully. It is quite easy to use without the tools. In fact, it is quite simple to adjust also just in order to meet all the conditions and requirements.

Knowing about the producing company

Numerous people are there who are unable to realize about the technical facts and that is why they are not quite alert about this fibre-floating machine as well. But if you are from engineering background and want to have the particular machine you can easily discuss with several fibre floating machines manufacturer. They will let you know about all the machinery details along with the cost.

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Microduct blowing machine

Microduct blowing machines manufacturer!

A microduct blowing machine is the most usefull machine exclusively meant to be utilized for the manufacturing or installation of fibre optic cables. This machine is actually used to take the charge of the serious installation process and it also assures safety and security compare to the manual procedure.

microduct blowing machine

microduct blowing machine

What you need with this machine?

Since, the machine is predestined to work the cable effortlessly through the channel to convey waves. It has to be prepared just based on the certain factors. There are numbers of companies available in the recent marketplace that offers the great amenities and facilities along with this machine.

Some certain factors are duct size, drive engine, pushing force, operating pressure, the cable size, pump flow, pushing speed, relief valve, etc. These are the necessary requirements of the properties that have to be in sync along with the appropriate value and asset to make the machine work.

What are microduct blowing machines?

The microduct blowing machines are only used in engineering fibre optic cables only for giving the electrical analysis of constructions or big areas. If you are from engineering background, you will easily catch all the detailed information about the specific device. Fibre optic cables are quite capable of transmitting the data at fast speed henceforth it requires to fingered and connected sensibly.

That is why microduct blowing machineries are utilized to run minute review on the fibre. Microduct blowing machines manufacturer will tell you about all the detailed information about the device. So the machine aims to function according to the purpose of fibre cable installation.

Facts to consider

Consequently microduct blowing machines manufacturer has to build the mechanism in a method so that it may take care of the subtle cable connection process. Considering the expenditure of this cable and also the danger that is involved in the complete installation process, this is always done via microduct blowing machines.

Microduct blowing machines manufacturer from TURKEY!

Cable Reel Trailer for fiber cables

Cable Fleeter

Cable Fleeter!


Cable Laying Accessories – Cable Fleeter -> Visit Product Page

Accessories for cable laying –items and tests

Cable Reel Trailer for fiber cables

Cable Reel Trailer for fiber cables

In this article we are going to talk about a variety of accessories required for cable laying. We are also going to talk about some facts on such accessories that are vital. Please keep reading to find out more on them.

Classes of accessories / Cable Fleeter

Among the Cable Laying Accessories that are generally available are of the categories that are given below.

Laying of wirings/cables in trenches and conduit

Threading of cables/wirings onto poles/ towers

Lying of ducts made from plastic for the duration of parallel boring operations

Laying of submarine wirings/cables

Cleaning as well as proofing of the several conduits

Fishing as well as Roding of conduits

Equipment for the handling of drum

Placement of wirings/cables inside mine shafts as well as tunnels

Dedicated items that include nylon centering pads meant for oil pipes

Wafting of draw lines inside pipes as well as ducts

And, loads of miscellaneous tools as well as items that are part of Cable Laying Accessories

Tests that are made on such accessories

Many a company has built up a test bench in which dynamic friction can be experimented in bona fide jetting /blowing situations, to be able to establish the COF among a cable as well as duct/micro-duct.

Such a service has been made available to cable as well as duct makers, as well as additional customers as well as partners.

More information on such tests / Cable Fleeter

If you are keen on knowing about the most up-to-date tests you are free to look up the various websites offering information on such tests online. On such sites you are going to find a number of information on tests that has been done till now on a number of cables that include Low Voltage cables/wirings having a single micro duct, amongst others.

Cable Fleeter

Fibre floating machine

Process of working of fibre blowing machines!



The process of fibre blowing machines while establishing a network is not very complex when you are using fibre blowing machines. This machine is the ultimate and the latest technology used for telecommunication installation purposes. The operators who handle the machine have to have enough knowledge of using several stages of using the blowing machine. The machine works on the fuel engine which constantly supply the power to the hydraulic system. There are several valves involved in controlling the fuel into the blower. The control shaft controls the speed of air pressure and let the fiber optic pass through the duct.

  • This powerful machine lets you complete installation of fiber optic cable in a network very efficiently.
  • You can use this machine to make a flexible connection in a complex networking area.
  • The fibre blowing machines prices is a little higher, but as return you can complete the whole networking very easily with less manual labor and cost.
  • You can also move this hydraulic air blowing machine from one place to another very easily as it is assembled on four wheels.

The process of operating the fibre blowing machines is very comfortable with less effort. The machine has the inbuilt generator which needs to be turned on before placing the cable into the blowing machine. fibre blowing machines has the functionality which can be controlled manually. You can measure the air pressure reading on the meter and control the air pressure depending on the need of installation.



The safe use of blown fiber optic machine

Blown Fiber Optic!

The most efficient technology used for fiber optic cable blowing is related to Fiber optic cable blowing machine which works very efficiently with any type of fiber optic installation. The process involved many other tools in the action. As fiber optic has different technology which deals with light the cable need special treatment which is possible through the air blowing machine. Any kind of mistreatment can lead to the whole installation process failure. So while handling a cable blowing machine you have to take extra care with the cable and the controlling parts of the machine.

Fiber optic cable blowing machines



A fiber optic cabling installation needs the cable to be passed through the duct channel. The air compressor controls the air blowing rate which makes the fiber cable installation very faster than the conventional process. A fiber optic cable has the bandwidth to carry huge data at a lightning speed. The blown fiber optic cable generally connected through different tools to the other equipment to complete the circuit and finish the installation. The main job of an air blowing machine in fiber optic cable installation is to confirm a secured connection of cable through the duct.

The use of Fiber optic cable blowing machine needs many factors to be considered when it is on for operation. There are various types of fiber cables available and used in the installation process. So the air blowing pressure has to be adjusted with the type and thickness of the fiber optic cable so that the cable be safe under the duct after installation. Blown fiber optic.


cable blowers MiniSKY

Advantages of fiber cable blowers

Fiber optic cable blowers!

There are a large number of advantages because of which the fiber optic cable blowing machine is used over other methods or inserting the fiber cable in the ducts. The industry is a growing one, there is constant demand for cable with specifications and features different from one another. This is as these cables are used for various different purposes and thus even the blowing machines are categorized by the purpose they solve. On this base there are two categories- one which comprise of  machines that produces cables that have 10mm diameter and more and then there are machines that are used for micro duct and produces cables which are 10mm below.

The whole process of the cable blowers is somewhat similar no matter what the cables are being produced. The process involves the insertion of cables with the help of compressed air which makes way for the fiber optic cable blowing machines to move through quickly and along with that the exerted pressure that ensures that the process is continuous and timely.  This also ensures less wear and tear and even lesser damages to the wire being inserted. That is why more and more people are shifting to using this technology over others.

The use of fiber optic cable blowing machine is not uncommon and it has increased over the years due to the various advantages that it offers. The best amongst them is the production of longer cables with the use of the mechanical process. Since there is no delay the process the resultant economic benefits are also many.

cable blowers MiniSKY

cable blowers MiniSKY

  • Operating fiber optic blowing machine

When you work on a critical telecommunication network installation fiber optic cable handling is one of the essential parts of it. By using Fibre optic cable blowing machine the work of networking become much easier. Before manual labor level was very high for this kind of work, but since this type of machines came into action long distance fiber optic connection can also be done with less time and efficient cost factor. Smart use of blowing machine and other supporting tools makes the networking or cabling work very easier, whether it’s a small building or long distance underground fiber optic connection.

The concept of blowing machine and jetting machine is totally based on the latest hydraulic system which means less human labor and less cost. The air blowing technology is used to establish the fiber optic cable connection through the duct. The range of fiber optic cable from 1 mm to 30 mm can be blown through Fibre optic cable blowing machine that means through this single machine you can do most of the networking very easily. The simple controlling process of the air compressor can be increased or decreased according to the need.

Along with the blowing machine, there are other several machines and small tools also needed to install a fiber optic connection successfully. Fiber Optic Cable Jetting Machines are another expensive machine which decreases the manual labor in fiber optic networking. These machines are the advance technology which is being used almost every telecom service agency in every country.

Optical Fiber Blowing Machine

Optical Fiber Blowing Machines Turkey

The new age technology- Optical Fiber Blowing Machine

The 21st century is all dedicated to the use of the fiber optic cable blowing machine, the process provides ease and resultant wires are of high quality and durability that has made the whole

and related business rely on this technology. There are many sectors that are in constant need of wiring. All these wiring are of specific features and suitable diameter.  This is not possible for each such industry to produce them on their own. They are seen largely dependent on an industry which provides them help.

The specification varies a lot in terms of the needs of each sector and thus the process of creation of each such wire is different that requires specific machinery. The machinery that is used for creation of each such wires are basically divided into two categories based on the purpose- The cable fiber blowing machine is used for higher diameter and broader cables which are used for huge installations. The ones that have a diameter of 10mm and below fall under the micro category and uses the methods of microduct installation with suitable machinery and parts.

The fiber optic cable blowing machine as mentioned above are very popular, this is mainly due to the fact that they allow longer installation distanced to be reached. The force with which the cables are inserted is lower and thus does not expose the fiber to any breakage or wear or tear. With the help of compressed air here the way is created which allows the cable to be easily inserted in the ducts.

Optical Fiber Blowing Machine

Optical Fiber Blowing Machine

How the fiber optic insertion takes place

  • It is now common knowledge that the best suited fiber optic cable blowing machine is used for the insertion of the fiber optics in the ducts. The 21st century makers are all dedicated to the use of this machinery and technology as the resultant wires are durable and the process is easy to follow. The wiring is used in almost all the sectors, and each of these sectors has different needs. Thus, the fiber optics are inserted in the ducts later, according to the demands in the industry. The technology used in the blowing machines is thus designed with these specific demands.

The whole process of insertion of the fiber optic cables in the duct has become quite reliable and easy with the help of the air blown fibre optic technology. The compressed air is used to create a way for the fiber cable to move inside the duct without the hindrance that was once caused due to friction. The process also allows no wear and tear or damage to the wire when it is inserted. This is great as the other means have this exposed risk which would result in loss and reduction in quality.

The cables with the help of the fiber optic cable blowing machine is used for the purpose of creation of two types of cables, one which is 10mm or above and makes use of machines with suitable inlets and heads, the other one is micro duct blowing machine which will create cables of 10mm and below. The process however is the same and the use of compressed air or water is stable the only change is in the external equipments that are used.