Pulling Winches & Drum Trailers

Cable puller Winch

The best effective way of pulling cables

Cable pulling machines are required mainly for commercial purpose. They help in effective methods of laying cables as well as pulling cable with the help of a cable puller winch for years to come.

The best in the industry

Cable pulling machines, are one of the premium quality equipments that are not only reliable and efficient for the purpose and also provide you with the  best cost effective method of laying all your cables in years to come. They are durable, long lasting as well as safe to use as well. Some of the best cable pulling winches are designed as per your requirements and customized accordingly.

Sample Technical specifications

We will preapare your cable pulling winches for your own project.

Cable Capstan Pulling Winches

cable pulling winches turkey

A normal cable puller winch has Max Drum Weight Kgs: 2500 Small Drums, 1500 Large Drums
Rope Speed (meters/min): 2.5 Small Drums, 4.0 Large Drums
Dimensions: L. 655mm x W.550mm x H.400MM
Weight: 95Kgs.

It is used for pulling high tension wires in a smooth hassle free manner. You can choose from an assortment of Cable puller winch that are required for installing power cables where high pulling tension wires are required. Each and every unit is devised in a specific way.

Reliable, affordable and well designed

Our cable puller winch is engineered in a robust manner and also fitted with some of the most powerful and heavy duty engines that power hydraulic transmission for a smooth pull and each machine is fitted with a special console so that the operator can also have a visual display of the force that is applied while pulling. All our winches can be preset quickly so that they do not go beyond the required pulling tension. Our winches have been designed to pull delicate fiber cables as well as heavy copper cables.We also help to pull coaxial cable, H.V Cables as well as sub duct cable. All our machines are reliable, powerful as well as affordable and can be used for all kinds of commercial purpose as well.


Cable drum trailers

The best way to transfer cable drums from one part to another

If you have a cable wire drum that you need to move from one place to another, and you are in a confusion about what to do, hire some of the best cable drum trailers that would help you to relocate your drums from one part to another seamlessly and smoothly.

The most important accessory

Cable Drum Trailers are one of the main necessities for projects that require cable lines to be carried from one part to another. Sometimes cable lines are really heavy and they need to be winded up in a huge drum. This drum becomes quite heavy on accumulation of the cable. That is when a cable drum trailer is required to carry the drum from one project site to the other.  As the drums of the cable wire slowly get larger and heavier, a cable drum trailer is required to accommodate the heavy and extra wide drums that weigh sometimes up to 48 tonnes as well.

Energy Cable Drum Trailers

Cable Drum Trailers Manufacturers.

Technicalspecifications of a cable drum trailer

There are various kinds of cable drum trailers that are required for carrying cable drums. The size of the trailer depends on the size of the drum that it has to carry. The drum trailers can carry a load of 795 kgs to 55050 kgs on a single axle and more on a twin axle. Different trailers are suited to meet the size of the drums as well.

What’s a cable drum trailers consists of

Each of our cable drum trailers comprises of braking as well as lighting systems which have been devised with the rules and policies.The drum trailers are fitted with a hydraulic hand pump operated lift lower sections.Our Drum trailers are available in a variety of models as per requirements. There are different trailers such as highway trailers and site trailers, as well.Each of the drum trailers are available in different models.Our cable drum trailers have diverse features and also have been made with the best quality materials that are durable and long lasting.

Pulling winches & Drum trailers