Cable Jetting

The new edge of technology brings high speed internet and telecommunication which is served by the powerful fiber optic channel. In each organization or in any area while installing a fiber optic network there is a need if special equipments among which Fiber Optic Cable Jetting Machines is one of the most important. Most of the long distance connection is done through underground cabling. To put a fiber optic connection, it needs ducting and other processing of the fiber optic. Fiber optic connection is not a simple network connection. As the technology has shifted from traditional process the installation process has also changed.

Machine de soufflage fibre optique prix

Machine de soufflage fibre optique prix

Micro cable blowing machines

To make the whole process of establishing fiber optic in a large area or long distance connection Fibre optic cable blowing machine plays a vital role. The hydraulic system makes the blowing of air pressure through the duct, which protects the main fiber optical cable from another influence. By controlling the air blowing the cable is passed through the channel from one place to another. So without a blowing machine or jetting machine installation of critical networking of fiber optic is not at all possible.

There are so many things that the operators or engineers of Fiber Optic Cable Jetting Machines have to control efficiently to make the manual effort less. The other accessories like power supply motor, battery; twister is needed to keep the blowing machine function on the field. By using all these tools and the main machine at the installation place an effacement fiber optic cabling expense can also be decreased. Cable Jetting Machines.