Optical Fiber Blowing Machine

Optical Fiber Blowing Machines Turkey

The new age technology- Optical Fiber Blowing Machine

The 21st century is all dedicated to the use of the fiber optic cable blowing machine, the process provides ease and resultant wires are of high quality and durability that has made the whole

and related business rely on this technology. There are many sectors that are in constant need of wiring. All these wiring are of specific features and suitable diameter.  This is not possible for each such industry to produce them on their own. They are seen largely dependent on an industry which provides them help.

The specification varies a lot in terms of the needs of each sector and thus the process of creation of each such wire is different that requires specific machinery. The machinery that is used for creation of each such wires are basically divided into two categories based on the purpose- The cable fiber blowing machine is used for higher diameter and broader cables which are used for huge installations. The ones that have a diameter of 10mm and below fall under the micro category and uses the methods of microduct installation with suitable machinery and parts.

The fiber optic cable blowing machine as mentioned above are very popular, this is mainly due to the fact that they allow longer installation distanced to be reached. The force with which the cables are inserted is lower and thus does not expose the fiber to any breakage or wear or tear. With the help of compressed air here the way is created which allows the cable to be easily inserted in the ducts.

Optical Fiber Blowing Machine

Optical Fiber Blowing Machine

How the fiber optic insertion takes place

  • It is now common knowledge that the best suited fiber optic cable blowing machine is used for the insertion of the fiber optics in the ducts. The 21st century makers are all dedicated to the use of this machinery and technology as the resultant wires are durable and the process is easy to follow. The wiring is used in almost all the sectors, and each of these sectors has different needs. Thus, the fiber optics are inserted in the ducts later, according to the demands in the industry. The technology used in the blowing machines is thus designed with these specific demands.

The whole process of insertion of the fiber optic cables in the duct has become quite reliable and easy with the help of the air blown fibre optic technology. The compressed air is used to create a way for the fiber cable to move inside the duct without the hindrance that was once caused due to friction. The process also allows no wear and tear or damage to the wire when it is inserted. This is great as the other means have this exposed risk which would result in loss and reduction in quality.

The cables with the help of the fiber optic cable blowing machine is used for the purpose of creation of two types of cables, one which is 10mm or above and makes use of machines with suitable inlets and heads, the other one is micro duct blowing machine which will create cables of 10mm and below. The process however is the same and the use of compressed air or water is stable the only change is in the external equipments that are used.