The fiber optic cable and its characteristics

The fiber optic cable and its characteristics

The latest medium of high speed data transfer is known as fiber optic cable. In the whole world this cable is vastly used to provide internet connection in high speed and in an inexpensive way. This is the new generation wire which is built in optic technology which boosts the data transfer rate to a much higher level. Most of the network provider companies in telecom sector use this optic cable to establish noiseless ultra speed connections. This type of cable generally has a thick coating which keeps it safe from external disturbance.

The fiber optic wire technology is based on multiple color combinations which refers to several operations and needed to connect with the equipments. The main equipments used to install fiber optic cable connection need several small and big cable blowing equipment. This equipment works on hydraulic air pressure technology.

There are some international regulations enforced by using these equipments while installing fiber cable connection in a locality.

A quality fiber optic cable has many micro cables which work simultaneously to transfer the data from one place to another in high speed and less noise. The quality of this cable depends on the transfer rate and performance. You can find multiple fiber cables which are different in nature and colors for distinguishing and installation purpose. The infrared light which is used to transfer data in lighting speed is the main objective of this type of cable which carries the light from one place to another with less resistance and higher speed.

Fiber Optic Cable