How to handle fiber optic cables

How to handle fiber optic cables

Dealing with fiber optic installation is not a very easy task. While installing fiber cable there are two sections of work that engineers do. One is known as general section and the other one is known as cable installation. Fibre optic cables installation has to be done by following the international standards of safety measures and the cable handling need paying attention on the manufacturer’s instruction about the fiber cable. The main purpose should be the proper installation so that the fiber optic cables get the maximum support when it will be buried to make long distance connections.

Most of the high speed data transfer connections are made by fiber optic cables. Initially a fiber optic cables may look like normal cables, but under the plastic coating there are many thin layers of colored fiber wires designed to transfer data at a lightning speed. There are many varieties of these cables are used in the telecom industry depending upon the desired speed of data or level of data to be transferred simultaneously. While installing a fiber optic connection into a locality the engineers and the worker has to careful enough while pulling the cables from one end to another as it is highly sensitive.

Fiber optic cables always needs expert’s care. The formation is quite complex than normal cables. Jerking the cable, pulling with high tension can alter the inner setting and as a result the performance may hamper or the whole cable can get wasted which may increase the installation cost.

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