Air blowing machine

Air blowing machine can blow from 1mm up to 30mm fiber optic cables performs the blowing process. The greater the air supplied to the tube during this operation so comfortable cable blowing operation is performed.

For example, use an air compressor to blow 8bar is here and would like a pipe 32mm 12mm fiber optic cable. You may not yield a high level. Because the pipe diameter grows, it is worth noting that the amount of air to be blown into the pipe. So, the fiber optic cable to friction is proportional to the amount of air supplied to the pipe.

If you use a 12 bar compressor under the same conditions lead to blowing process will be longer and easier. Our recommendation would be to use a minimum of 12 bar compressor. (It depend on your fiber cable diameters!)

Air blowing machine

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We suggest minimum 12 BAR 10.5 m^3 / minutes air compressor for better results.