Blowing Machines

Blowing Machines

The most important point is blowing machines ! If your machine give strong air to the duct it will be better.

Fiber optic blowing machine is used for blowing fiber cables completely. Firstly you need to check your cable diameters for selection of the right machine. If you prefer your cable diameter suitable machine you will get very good results.

Secondly, it is vital to the air compressor. Because your cable blowing process have much air pressure it will be easier to blowing fibres.

In mind all this information will make your fiber optic blowing process ends successfully for your job.

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  1. Gaétan Paul
    Gaétan Paul says:

    good day we are in Canada, Montreal,Quebec i would like to know how much is you fiber drop blowing machine ?
    Fiber Optic Cable diameter range : 1mm-6mm


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